Lead Testing in Malden, MA

Lead levels blood testing is used to determine the amount of lead in the bloodstream. To perform the test, a blood sample is taken. Typically, blood is drawn from a vein on the inside of the elbow. However, in small children, they may use what is called a “lancet” or a small sharp tool to puncture the skin.

This test may be performed to test for the risk of lead poisoning. If you already have lead poisoning, they may perform this test to see if treatment is working. Lead is very common in our environment so it is not uncommon to be found in the blood stream in low levels. Typically, normal levels are less than 20 micrograms/dL of lead in the blood for adults and less than 10 micrograms/dL of lead for children. Lead in children can cause complications with mental development, so low levels of lead can still be bad for children.

Treatment may be given if you have symptoms of lead poisoning or test for more than 60 micrograms/dL. In children, abnormal lead levels may need further testing and high levels will require treatment.

AFC Urgent Care in Malden has an on-site lab with the ability to test for lead levels in the blood. If you have been exposed to lead or have symptoms of lead poisoning, our walk-in clinic can perform testing for you. You never need an appointment and we offer extended hours to fit your schedule.

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